BERP Features

What is a BERP?

Simply put, the Berp is the most efficient tool you can use to help you become a better brass player. It is designed to allow you to buzz your mouthpiece while holding the instrument in the regular playing position. The player can then press the valves or move their slide to match the pitches they are buzzing. The connection is made between buzzing the mouthpiece and playing the instrument in a very real way. The benefits of buzzing have now been increased and expanded considerably with the Berp concept.

New adjustable clamp fits around the receiver opening of any brand or model of instrument. If you play a brass instrument, there's a BERP for you.

New adjustable resistance dial slides over four holes to let you tune the BERP to any resistance you want. Beginners can set it to the resistance that matches their ability.

Side-by-side design lets you switch between playing and buzzing instantly. You can efficiently work out passages through playing and buzzing more easily.

BERP features


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